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  • Forecasting & Business Analytics, LLC has been selected ten years in a row for the 2018 Best of College Station Awards for Business Services and now qualifies for the College Station Business Hall of Fame.
  • FABA gave a presentation at the SAS Global Forum in Dallas, Texas in April of 2019. It is titled, “Texas A&M University: The Pros and Cons of Alternative Methodologies Designed to Produce Forecasts for Business“.
  • FABA had the opportunity to travel and take part in working with the Norwegian Seafood Council in June of 2019.  While there, news articles were released of our work.  The following texts have been translated to English.
  • Dr. Capps had the opportunity to attend the 2019 National Association of Business Economics (NABE) Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado during October of 2019. There he met Dr. Arthur Laffer, American economist who’s theory on taxes majorly influenced U.S. Economic policy in the 1980’s and the creator of the Laffer Curve.
    • More information on Dr. Arthur Laffer can be found here
    • Here are pictures from the Meeting