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FABA is a Limited Liability Company formed in Texas in 2001. FABA is founded on the belief that to utilize information effectively in a decision-making process, it takes experience, sound econometric and statistical skills and advanced analytical ability.

FABA provides a combination of theoretical horsepower and real-world experience to work with your firm to provide these ingredients. FABA has resources with experience across many different applications with business organizations and government agencies, with a common goal of utilizing econometric and statistical tools to create effective forecasting processes that enable better decisions.

FABA provides complete forecasting and business analytic solutions. The commonality of past and current work centers on the development of econometric/statistical models to aid in decision-making in three ways:


  1. To determine the underlying factors associated with the business, economic and financial landscape.
  2. To assess the impacts of these underlying factors.
  3. To generate forecasts for business organizations and government agencies.

FABA believes in a decision-science approach that utilizes a diverse set of economic, statistical and business experience/expertise.

  • Utilizing the advanced forecasting and business analytic capabilities of FABA, effective decision-making becomes a process that intermixes economic theory, statistical theory, econometric modeling, forecasting, business experience and intuition. This decision-science approach allows us to conduct quantitative analyses indigenous to demand and marketing, data mining, evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising and promotion programs, issues related to supply chain management in the food and beverage industry, issues related to food safety, and litigation in general.

FABA believes effective forecasting is critical to the success of any business.

  • Expectations about the future are the cornerstone of a solid decision-making process for business organizations and government agencies. FABA has the skills and experience to help leverage economic theory, historical data and expectations about the future to create a framework that will enable more effective decision-making.
  • Whether the deliverable is call volumes for customer service, price elasticities for pricing strategies and inventory management, general market analysis, collections/default rates or other opportunities that require the effective utilization of economic theory and historical information, FABA has the business, economic and statistical skills to better understand the underlying economic and financial landscape.

FABA believes it is our job to enable clients to understand and maximize the benefit of their data and to enable clients to design, implement and maintain effective forecasting and decision models.

  • Forecasting should not be a mystery or magical outcome. It is a process that combines economic theory, econometric modeling and business analytics together to create the most appropriate forecasts to meet various objectives.
  • Clients are enabled with the skills and expertise to effectively leverage their data, experience and knowledge. FABA will create solutions that clients can choose to update and maintain, or to engage FABA to do so if desired.

Forecasting and Business Analytics, LLC (FABA) is led by a Managing Partner with access to a team of talented resources across the country who possesses many different areas of specialty. We are dedicated to finding the right person to work on each project. We provide a mix of academic and private sector experience that gives us the ability to apply the most cutting edge analytical tools with the expertise to solve your forecasting and analytical challenges. We possess excellent communication skills, both oral and written.


Oral Capps, Jr., PhD

Dr. Capps is a demand and price analyst, with particular expertise in econometric modeling and forecasting methods. He is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in demand analysis, specializing in working with large data bases. Applied research areas include analyses of expenditure patterns of pre-prepared foods and foods eaten away from home, analyses of health and nutrition issues, uses of scanner-derived information for managerial decision-making in food retailing, and analyses of regional, national, and international markets for the agricultural, agribusiness and financial sectors. In addition, Dr. Capps specializes in unilateral price effects of mergers and acquisitions as well as evaluations of agricultural checkoff programs.

Dr. Capps is currently an Executive Professor, Regents Professor and holder of the Southwest Dairy Marketing Endowed Chair in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University as well as Co-Director of the Agribusiness, Food, and Consumer Economics Research Center (AFCERC). Dr. Capps was educated at Virginia Tech. He earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics in 1975, a M.S. degree in Agricultural Economics in 1977, a second M.S. degree in Statistics in 1979, and a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Economics in 1979. 



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