FABA utilizes historical data to determine relationships to enhance understanding of underlying business, economic, and financial landscape. We are experienced in providing consumer demand forecasting and analysis. We also are a leader in analyzing scanner data and in addressing various questions posed by marketing groups.

FABA believes it is our job to enable clients to understand and maximize the benefit of their data and to enable clients to design, implement and maintain effective forecasting and decision models.

  • The Managing Partner has over 44 years of experience in applied demand analysis working with various types of organizations.
  • Worked with Coca-Cola on diversion ratios to find out next best business substitutes for Coca-Cola products.
  • Worked with Mary Kay Cosmetics and The Kellogg Company to help forecast sales and demand drivers of their products.
  • Worked with Hill’s Pet Nutrition on construction of price forecasting models for several commodities.
  • Worked with John Deere to help forecast sales.
  • Worked with Mexican Hass Avocado Import Association to ascertain economic benefits of the expansion of avocado imports from Mexico.

With the use of scanners and other information captured by technological innovation, FABA can develop econometric models from scanner and other data sources to aid you in determining:

  • Price levels and trends
  • The importance of macroeconomic factors
  • Own-price, cross-price and income elasticities
  • Optimal inventory levels
  • Factors that influence demand and sales

FABA has experience that can help your marketing groups in analyzing information from multiple sources. FABA can help you utilize your information to:

  • Segment customers on profitability potential
  • Determine segments of customers most likely to buy or not to buy various products
  • Determine impacts from advertising and promotion campaigns
  • Evaluate factors that influence customer choices

FABA has resources that are leaders in the analysis and forecasting with scanner data for a myriad of issues. We can help you maximize the benefit of your scanner data including many different types of forecasting and analytical challenges. If you are not sure you are maximizing the benefit of the information, give FABA a call!