FABA has the knowledge and experience to utilize state-of-the-art analytical tools to deliver a service that will enable business and government agencies to better leverage its information. FABA has experience with a wide range of applications that deal with a variety of clients. With solutions based on sound economic theory, and designed to specific internal operations, FABA will provide a turn key product.

Expertise in Forecasting include:

  • The Managing Partner has over 44 years of experience consulting in the public and private sectors and is Certified Business Economist stipulated by the National Association for Business Economists.
  • Selected teams of experts all who have advanced training and experience in private sector consulting including:
    • Scanner data and other large data sets
    • Supply chain
    • Food safety
    • Risk management
    • Merger and acquisitions
    • Food industry analysis
    • International trade
    • Commodities
  • FABA has worked with many firms and government organizations utilizing econometric modeling and advanced forecasting processes.

Experience includes:

  • Working with Sound Transit (Central Puget Sound Regional Transportation Authority) to forecast the “Right-of-Way Index” including prices of real estate properties, both commercial and non-commercial, relocation and administrative costs.
  • Developed qualitative models to help the Florida Public Service Commission better understand and assess the impact of macroeconomic factors of utilities in Florida.
  • Aided Coca-Cola by developing price simulations that allows for calculating price effects associated with proposed mergers and acquisitions.
  • Worked with the Brattle Group on econometric analysis indigenous to merger and acquisition activity.
  • Worked with Property and Portfolio Research, Inc. developing models to forecast derived market returns for market properties, industrial properties, and others.

FABA has highly trained and experienced risk management resources to create a process to enable effective risk/credit management forecasting and analysis processes.

  • Worked with American Express’s risk management group focusing on credit default models for a myriad of products.
  • Worked with C.H. Dean and Associates on developing models to make asset allocation decisions for their clients.
  • Worked with Bank One, First Chicago and First USA Banks on forecasting personal bankruptcy dollars on a monthly basis.
  • Developed quantitative models for Fidelity Investments to make optimal asset allocation decisions for their clients.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of commodity checkoff programs for the Cotton Board, the National Pork Board, the Florida Department of Citrus, the American Lamb Board, the Texas Produce Association, the United Soybean Board, The American Pecan Council, and the Dairy Industry.